Trust Funds !

Trust Fund !

     Trust Fund ; noun ; In common law system a trust is a relationship whereby property (including real,tangible and intangible) is managed by one person(or persons or organizations) for the benefit of another.
 Cathy Sarinana and I were discussing how a “Trust Fund” is created and why.Trust are created by a settlor,grantor,donor or trustor. It is created by the settlor who transfers some or all of his property to a trustee who holds the trust property for the benefit of the beneficiaries. It is possible to create a trust of property w/o transferring it to anyone else(being held for the benefit of the beneficiary.The fund is created during , by a trust instrument or they can be in a “will” after death.

The “trust” is governed by the terms under which the Fund was created and are usually written down in a trust instrument or a “DEED”.Property of any kind can be held on a Trust and the uses can also vary. There are many kinds of Trust Funds,so make sure to evaluate what type of T.F.and how you plan to use the Trust Fund .For more info on types of Trust Funds and there uses, email:  hcompanys@yahoo.comand I will send you a list of Trust Fund  types and the characteristics  for each. I hope this sheds a little light on Trust Funds and their uses according to your  strategies



Over Carlsbad New Mexico

This photo was taken By My brother Larry Fernandez in c-bad a little after noon  on 12/3/2012. You decide ?

taken 12/3/2012 by Larry Fernandez

Checklist for Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse / McCandless Law Firm


Possible Indicators of Incapacity, Undue Influence and Elder Abuse

□        Gifts to persons (caregivers, service providers, friends) who are not the natural objects of the client’s bounty


□    Gifts to anyone that are so large, given the size and nature of the client’s estate, as to threaten the client’s economic security


□    Loans, particularly if undocumented, to anyone; special scrutiny required if to non‑family members


□    Actions by client’s fiduciary (attorney-in-fact, trustee, other) that reflect poor judgment or conflict of interest


□    Existence of estate-planning documents naming non‑family members as fiduciaries or beneficiaries


□    Existence of joint accounts with non‑family members


□    Evidence that client signs checks prepared by others


□    Bequest plans or other arrangements favoring one child, particularly if a caregiver


□    Evidence of physical harm (bruises, cuts, etc.)


□    Evidence of excessive dependence on a child…

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Hello and Welcome

   As you move around our site , we hope you can find or be directed to what it is you are looking for.We at Hcompanys are always students of the trades.,As we grow and learn, we will share and educate you with our research and our personal Real Estate Investing experiences,

Our Sonoran Foothills: North Phoenix Real Estate

Phoenix Arizona Real Estate Private Financing or Lease Option

Have you ever thought of buying a home to fix and flip?  Have you thought about buying multiple homes but can not obtain conventional financing?  Have you had a foreclosure, bankruptcy or short sale in the recent past?  There is HOPE.  You can obtain private financing.  Private financing, or hard money loans, are becoming mor popular with todays buyer.  With private financing, you will pay more in interest and will have to put down 10-20%.  Inerest rates will range from 12% – 15% interest only for a short time horizon such as 6 months.  Many of the private investors work with agents like myself to purchase wholesale properties at trustee sales.  Contact me for more information at 480.330.7426.

One other opportunity to live in new home is to consider a lease option.  The advantage of a lease option to…

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Save With Steve!!


Leasing: You do not own the vehicle. You get to use it but you have to return it when your lease ends. If your lease vehicle has a purchase option, you may be able to purchase your vehicle during the term of the lease or at lease end.

Buying: You own the vehicle and you get to keep it when you pay off the amount owed under the financing contract.

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